Clad Windows

Clad Windows

Clad Windows

For those wondering ‘what is window cladding‘, clad windows are made of a wooden frame and sash with an outside protection called cladding. The three types of cladding are fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum.

There are many leads to selecting a clad choice- such as better require efficiency, a wood inside, and a low-upkeep outside.

But such as anything different, there is part of disadvantages, too. Suppose you’re because of cladding windows for your house. Here’s what you require to expect.

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Types of Clad Windows

Types of Clad Windows

there are three main types of clad windows: fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum.

1. Aluminum-Clad Window

Aluminum-Clad Window

Aluminum-clad windows are one of the most products. The quality of a wood frame and area with outside parts covered in clad- aluminum, these windows are perfect for the spot with cold winter or lots of wet weather. Aluminum is low-upkeep, only requiring to be washed once per year, and will save the wood frame the parts.

2. Vinyl-Clad Windows

Vinyl-Clad Windows

Vinyl-clad windows, often referred to as vinyl cladding exterior or exterior vinyl cladding, are made of a wood frame and belt with a vinyl cover around the outside. This vinyl cladding provides homeowners with a maintenance-free exterior.

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Vinyl-clad windows supply householder with an upkeep-free outside- a great contrast from the unbroken whole repainting each-wood windows requires.

3. Fiberglass-Clad Windows

Fiberglass-Clad Windows

Fiberglass is a well-built window frame, one of the most required and efficient. A fiberglass-clad window will have a wooden frame and inside with the outside layer in a narrow, safety fiberglass coated.

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Are Clad Windows Costly?

Clad windows are more costly than vinyl but are the same price as each each-wood window provided by the brand.

In standard, aluminum-clad windows are more expensive than fiberglass-clad or vinyl-clad, but this is different in brands and window design.

The Pros and Cons of Clad-Windows

If you’re involved in clad windows, here’s what to know.


  1. Low upkeep – The significant problem with wood windows is regular upkeep. Wood cladding answers this issue.
  2. Safety – fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum each stand up to the parts well. They’ll save the wood from rain, snowfall, and rain in the air.
  3. Aesthetics – the two aluminum-clad and fiberglass windows can give your house a stylish view.
  4. The wood inside – a wood-clad window provides you with an inside wood frame that you can color or stain.


  1. Solid to see broken wood – with cladding on the inside of a window, it’s unlikely to spot if the wood’s lower side the broken.
  2. Only clad window- if the cladding on your window goes off good quality, cladding them power not be a choice. Instead, you’ll require to restore the broken part or the whole window.

What is the issue with Vinyl Clad Windows?

There are many conditions of vinyl.cladding windows, the primary advantage being that they’re maintenance-free. However, vinly cladding or vinyl clading has its set of challenges.

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The most general issue with vinyl-clad windows is that you can’t color the outside. And in high weather. The vinyl could break, twist, or peel aside from the frame.

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When Is a Clad Window the Top Choice for Me?

If you beautiful the view of a real-wood window for your inside but want to avoid handling the joined outside upkeep that comes with wood windows, a clad window can be the correct choice.

A clad window, especially one with gambrel roofing, will provide you with that natural wood inside with a shiny, vinyl house cladding outside.

Still, it is significant for you to have the customary wood view on the outside of your windows, and then an each-wood window can be your top choice.

There are a part of vinyl and fiberglass windows that will build with a wood-such as complete, but it is based if you want to be the actual thing.

Climate you select a vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass clad window, it is significant to have practicality be the case for your project.

Clad windows are an essential option to each-wood windows, but you require costly cladding to collect the benefits.

The highest standard of concrete and equipment will never be the least costly. When viewing for the correct window mixture and builder for your project, this is key.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is a Clad Window?

Window cladding is a vinyl or metal cover that covers a wooden core. Cladding is found on the side of the window that faces the home’s exterior. Cladding windows helps preserve the wood and improve its weather resistance. Inside the home, the wood is exposed and visible.

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What Is a Vinyl Clad Window?

Vinyl clad wood windows, as its name suggests, is composed of both vinyl and wood. The base of the window frame is manufactured with wood and then vinyl is wrapped around the exterior of the window. The interior, which is wood, can be painted or stained to match your décor.

What Are Aluminum Clad Windows?

Simply put, aluminum clad windows are wood windows or doors with a protective exterior layer of aluminum ‘wrapped’ around the sash and frame. The cladding is durable and requires very little maintenance, other than occasional cleaning.

What Are Wood Clad Windows?

A clad window simply refers to a window made of wood but has exterior cladding to protect the frame. The term cladding itself means the layering of one thing over another to create an exterior barrier. On windows, cladding is attached to the exterior of a wood frame to protect the wood from outside elements.

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