Comparison Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows


Comparison Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Introduction of Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Understanding the bay vs bow window difference, it’s clear that the bay window and bow window have many similar characteristics. Both of these windows are very important for the decoration of the building.

The architect’s vision is that these two types of windows are the most important as these two windows remain useful to give the building a luxurious look.

The reason behind putting both these types of windows in the building is also that the look of the building from the outside can look absolutely stunning.

In earlier times such windows were also used for worship.

In the old days, the Oriel window was the most common type of bay window so the Oriel type is the oldest type of bay window.

Over time, different styles came into existence and are now available in many different designs.

The name bay window is derived from the French word “baee”.

The bay window is a gift given to the world by the Gothic age as this type was first seen in that time.

Both of these windows adorned large palaces in a region like the UK in the old days.

Many Years ago these windows were becoming a unique part of grand houses.

Difference Between Bay and Bow Window

The bay window usually consists of a set of three panels, which are installed outside the house wall.

In the center of the window is a large picture window with small windows on either side.

Double-hung or casement windows are often installed on either side called flankers.

Bow windows are windows similar to bay windows but with a slightly different style.

Bow windows usually have four or more panels that are installed in a curved shape to create a circular structure outside the house.

Here we learn about the difference between bay window and bow window. Now let’s look at these two windows in detail.

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What Is Bay Windows?

What Is Bay Windows?

The design of a bay window can only be deduced from its name. A Bay is a strip of water that penetrates a large area of ​​land.

Thus the meaning of the word itself gives an idea of ​​its composition. These windows protrude from the outside of the building wall.

This window, when compared bay window vs oriel, has a set of mostly three small windows. The shape of such windows forms angles and the size of these angles varies depending on the design of the window.

The angles formed in this window are usually 90°, 130°, and 150°.

Different shapes are found in the bay windows for example square, rectangle, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.

The different shapes of these windows are able to provide plenty of natural air and sunlight.

The inside of the bay window creates extra space in the room which can be used in different ways.

This window can be used for reading, relaxing on pillows, sitting at the dining table, watching the beautiful scenery outside, and storage space.

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The structure of the building needs to be strong to support the windows as the windows hung outside the main wall of the building.

Types of Bay Windows

Most of the places have four types of  Bay windows which are shown below.

1. Oriel Bay Window

Oriel Bay Window

Oriel Window is the oldest form of the bay window that protrudes from the wall.

This window can be seen on any floor of the building but it never touches the ground.

These windows are mostly supported by stone or wooden corbel. This type of window is more common in Muslim culture.

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2. Box Bay Window

Box Bay Window

Box bay window is usually rectangular and box-shaped. The front and sides of this window are flat and the ceiling may be different.

This type of window is the most common style of bay window found in the UK.

3. Canted Bay Window

Canted Bay Window

The front side of the canted bay window is parallel to the wall of the building and both sides of the side form an angle from the front side.

This window is characteristic of victorian houses.

4. Circle Bay Window

Circle Bay Window

In a circle bay window, many panels come together to form a simple semicircle. This window is the most complex of all types of bay windows so it is usually less common.

Size of Bay Window

Size of Bay Window

The bay window can be as small or as large as desired. The size of a small bay window is usually 3 feet 6 inches wide and 3 feet high.

The large bay window is 10 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 6 inches high.

A large bay window can cover a large area of ​​the wall. The size of the bay window depends on the location of the house.

If a large window is to be installed, it needs a strong wall structure as it is heavy in weight.

Cost of Bay Window Installation

Approximate costs for a vinyl, medium-sized, 3-panel bay window replacement installation can range from $ 1,170 to $ 3,590. The installation cost of a bay window depends on the type of bay window and the typical installation costs for that area.

The cost of replacing the bay window is always depending on the region and some others cost factors.

Replacement of Bay Windows

Bay window replacement is the best option to upgrade the house. Known for viewing the beautiful scenery outside and giving the house more amount of natural sunlight.

This window is the best choice for the kitchen, dining areas as well as living room.

While most types of windows are fixed to the walls of the house, the bay windows are projected towards the outside of the room wall.

This gives the room extra space. That space can be used in a variety of ways.

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What Is Bow Windows?

What Is Bow Windows?

The Bow Window was first introduced in the United Kingdom. The bow window design is like a bow.

If we know what the shape of the bow is, we can also imagine the shape of this window.

Just as a bow is semicircular, so a bow window, or understanding bow vs bay windows, is semicircular.

Bow windows are also made on the front of the outer wall of the building.

Extra space can be found inside the room in the bow window. The extra space available in this window can be used in various ways.

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A bow window is a semicircular shape formed by the attachment of small windows. Bow windows usually have four or more small windows.

These windows are able to provide more airflow and sunlight than all other types of windows as air and sunlight can come in this window from the maximum direction.

This window can be seen in a large room as it can provide adequate air and sunlight in a large room and also enhances the grandeur of a large room.

Size of Bow Window

Size of Bow Window

The size of the bow window is the same as the size of the bay window. The small bow window is 3′ 6″ wide and 3′ high.

Large windows are 10′ 6″ wide and 6′ 6″ high. This window is also heavy in terms of weight.

Cost of Bow Window Installation

Bow windows have higher levels than other windows so they are more expensive than other window types.

This type can be useful in increasing the resale value of the home and making the home comfortable.

The cost of installing a bow window can range from approximately $ 1500 to $ 6600.

The total cost of window replacement depends on the brand, size, window material, frame material of the window as well as the labor cost of the area.

Replacement of Bow Window

Bow windows and bay windows are also called projection windows because both types of windows enhance the view outside.

Bow windows give the home many tangible benefits. As it enlarges the space of the interior room, it also enhances the exterior architectural design of the house.

Bow windows provide extra space in the room and can be used in a variety of ways.

Installing this popular projection window in the house increases the value of the house and also gives the house a new attractive look.

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Use of Bay and Bow Windows

Here, The List of Uses of Bay Windows And Bow Windows is as follows.

  1. Natural Air and Sunlight
  2. Storage Space
  3. Available Variety
  4. Reading with Comfort
  5. Increase Resale Value of House
  6. For Vase and Greenery

1. Natural Air and Sunlight

Both of these types of windows not only look beautiful but also invite plenty of sunlight and air into the room so that the room stays bright and pleasant.

These windows do not require artificial light during the day and allow cool air to circulate during the night.

These windows allow natural air and sunlight to enter the room from all directions, bringing peace of mind and physical vitality.

These two windows are the best option in terms of ventilation.

2. Storage Space

The extra space inside these windows can be used as storage space. In this space, you can put a lot of non-used items so that the other space in your room is free to move around.

This window is more useful in spacious rooms as it provides more ventilation and sunlight.

This window also increases the space of the room as these windows are built towards the outside of the wall of the room.

The extra space inside the bay window can be used for storage or to sit on a chair table and enjoy the view outside.

This space can also be used to place pillows and cushions for relaxation. Vase and greenery can also be placed in this space.

Both of these windows increase the resale value of your home. Extra space can also be used for reading along with the fresh air.

Extra space can also be used to sit in a window-shaped sofa set.

3. Available Variety

Since there are many types of windows, windows can be selected based on space usage.

Since there are many varieties in the window, there are many options in the selection, so we can choose the window design based on which window will be suitable in the building and achieve its purpose.

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The choice of windows in residential spaces and industrial spaces may vary. Since there are variations in the design of the window, we can design the window according to which window will be suitable.

4. Reading with Comfort

The extra space on the inside of this window can be selected as a library so that reading enthusiasts can use it to place books.

This space can be a good option for reading as it provides an ample supply of fresh air and sunlight which is the best for reading.

5. Increase Resale Value of House

Installing these windows in the building makes the look of the building look a bit different so people are attracted to the building. People also dream of owning such a house and this is the reason why the resale price of a building with such windows increases.

Thus these windows increase the value of your home.

6. For Vase and Greenery

These windows are a great option for nature lovers as they provide extra space which can be used for placing vases and greenery.

Vase and greenery make your home charming so such a natural feature can be achieved in your home.

Thus these windows enhance the natural beauty of your home.

The extra space inside the bay window is more than the space found in the bow window.

Pros of Bay windows

Here, is the List of Advantages of Bay Windows as follows.

  1. Bay windows are available at a lower price than bow windows.
  2. The bay window protrudes more from the wall than the bow window. So the space available in it is more than the bow window.
  3. Since the space available in the bay window is more than the bow, it can be used in different ways.

Cons of Bay Windows

Here, is the List of Disadvantages of Bay Windows as follows.

  1. The bay window provides less air and sunlight than the bow window.
  2. The width of the bay window is less than the width of the bow window so the outside view is smaller than that of the bow window.

Pros of Bow windows

Here, is the List of Advantages of Bow Windows as follows.

  1. Due to the wide width of the bow window, air can enter the house from the maximum direction. So good air circulation can be obtained.
  2. The more pens in the bow window, the more sunlight enters the house. So the house stays bright.
  3. Due to the large width of the bow window, the view from the outside can be enjoyed better than other windows, which is one of the bow window pros and cons.

Cons of Bow Windows

Here, is the List of Disadvantages of Bow Windows as follows.

  1. Bow windows are more expensive in terms of price than bay windows.
  2. Installing a bow window is more complicated than installing a bay window because there are more small windows in the bow window.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is a Bow Window Called?

Both the bay window and the bow window are also called projection windows.

Bay Window Vs Bow Windows

The bay window usually has only three panels and its shape is square, rectangle, hexagonal, and octagonal. The corners in this window are usually 90,130,150.
A bow window is a set of four or more panels. It has a shape semicircular.

Bow Window Vs Bay Window Cost

It can cost $ 1170 to $ 3590 to install a bay window and $ 1500 to $ 6600 to install a bow window.

Bay Window Sizes

For small bay window: width – 3 feet 6 inches, height – 3 feet

For big bay window: width – 10 feet 6 inches, height – 6 feet 6 inch

Can You Replace a Bow Window with a Bay Window

YES, it will cost a little but a bay window is a good option. There are many advantages to a bay window over a bow window.

Which One Is More Expensive Bay or Bow Windows?

A bow window is more expensive than a bay window.

How Can You Identify a Bow Window?

The bow window has four, five, or six faces. Bow windows are larger than bay windows. The bow windows have more glass area because they bend instead of making angles.

Types of Bay Windows

List of types of bay windows.

  1. Oriel Bay Window
  2. Box Bay Window
  3. Canted Bay Window
  4. Circle Bay Window

Which Is Better Bow or Bay Window?

The Bay window is better than the bow window because the bay window has more pros and it is cheaper than the bow window.

What Do You Call a Flat Bay Window?

Canted bay window

The canted bay window is a classic modern bay window. In this type, the two sides form an angle with the wall and the front side is parallel to the wall.


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