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Introduction of Clerestory Windows

Clerestory means any high window. In the interior clerestory windows of the Gothic church, the windows above the main floor are seen in clerestory style. The concept of the clerestory is also visible in the temples of clerestory Egypt. The word is derived from a combination of the words “clear” and “story. These windows are installed above eye level.

The idea of ​​the clerestory is visible in the temples of ancient Egypt. The word “clerestory” is found associated with Egyptian temples.

Clerestory was used in Hellenistic architecture during the later period of ancient Greek culture.

What Is Clerestory Window?

The clerestory window design is a set of long and narrow windows placed above eye level to add natural light to the interior space, showcasing the essence of clerestory windows architecture. They are usually in a single row under the roof.

This window is installed above the roof lines or overhangs to maximize the amount of light. Clerestory window is usually found in modern homes along with floor-to-sealing windows and skylights.

The regular window can be opened in a wall covered with a glass pane so that fresh air can enter the house. The high window is used as a specialty of interior design and installed at the upper part of the wall to accept the light.

Purpose of Clerestory Windows

The Clerestory window is useful in highlighting the interior space. This window can be used to get more light without using more wall space. This window allows the light to penetrate just like low light in warm climates.

As sunlight comes into the room from the top or from the sides, it spreads light all over the room. When the other pane is fixed at the upper part of the wall, the wall appears to be made of glass.

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Clerestory Architecture

Clerestory Architecture

The bedroom has a clerestory window that resonates with the dynamic geometry formed by both ceilings, angular ceilings, and wooden beams. The house has the same roofing windows around and it is useful in providing attractive views of the valley.

Clerestory Architecture (1)

A two-story living room with liberal clerestory is found in the penthouse. Cast in a neutral palette that offers a beautiful feature for the view of the sky and the city.

Clerestory window Architecture

The large living room of the house that is more opened by the clerestory underlines the entire space. The row of windows is complemented by low, linear furniture, in which furniture such as leather chairs and Cassina table is used beautifully.


The clerestory on the house is seen as a wedge between the wall and the ceiling, which already spreads sunlight in the open kitchen. The glass adjacent to the ceiling also has windows that can remain open and ventilate the inside.

Clerestory Architecture (2)

The guest with a high clerestory looks wonderful in the bedroom in a house located at the base of the mountain range. With the addition of excess sunlight, the clerestory windows add extra height to the space and give a high level of architecture to the home.

Clerestory Architecture (3)

Home repairs work in harmony with the open-plan architecture. The living room has a high arch and an outer wall of glass that provides views of the side courtyard. A whitewashed brick wall without windows offers a good space to display artwork and decorative items.


The coastline has a cozy study, which does not seem to be enclosed by a narrow, released clerestory. Winds and shelves without windows provide good space that can be used to display artworks and books.

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Clerestory Windows Sizes

The clerestory window dimensions and clerestory window sizes vary. Standard clerestory window sizes can range from smaller to larger dimensions, depending on the architectural needs. There is no standard for any time. Some clerestory is 1 foot wide and 2 feet long. Some other clerestory is 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. Go-to-style is found to be used for narrow high walls.

Clerestory Window Installation

The clerestory window is installed at the outer or interior walls of the house at the same height as the roof. In the interior installation, this window is often found along the walls of the corridor that can cause a lack of natural light source.

It is very important whether framing support is present. These windows place the pieces of the walls so that they usually have to bear the load.

Considering this, it is important to consider the design of the building, when choosing the right location of the window.

The process of installing a clerestory window should be done by keeping in mind certain things to prevent problems during or after installation.

Installing a clerestory window is structurally easy. They are usually either under the eaves or above the stairs. Both of these areas gain the benefit of additional natural light.

These windows should be installed in the north or south way. South-soft clerestory windows require overhangs. The windows on the north will get less light which is favorable for the house because such a condition will not overheat the room.

Clerestory Windows Cost

1. Economy Clerestory Windows

The clerestory window, often accompanied by clerestory windows images for reference, is available in custom-made designs to fit the specific needs of the building. It is imperative to seek the help of an experienced professional to install in the house as there is a need to make extensive changes in the building.

Due to these various factors, the cost of installing a clerestory window can vary significantly. This window does not have different parts so this window replacement window price may be higher.

Installing the Economy Clerestory window can cost around $ 850 to $ 1500.

2. Standard Clerestory Windows

The standard clerestory windows are made of glass and have 3 or 4 narrow window panes. This window is usually fixed in place so cannot open for ventilation.

Install the standard clerestory window has to cost around $ 1500 to $ 2550.

The standard clerestory window is probably made of materials like double-paned, vinyl, fiberglass, or wood. Adjustable windows are found on the outer edges in many places in the mid-range clerestory window installation.

3. High-End Clerestory Windows

Installing a high-end clerestory window can cost around $ 2500 to $ 4100.

These high-end windows are usually made of wood or steel and are larger than the standard window.

High-end windows include adjustable window units such as a casement or awning window. This type of configuration is able to provide maximum ventilation in the interior of the home.

Clerestory Window Vs Transom Window

The clerestory window height is such that it is a narrow window installed under the ceiling in the interior space of the house, differentiating it from other window types. The clerestory window is sometimes designed to open and enter fresh air. This window is designed to increase the amount of light in many large spaces.

The transom window is located above the door. This window allows light and fresh air to enter the room when the door is closed. A transom window is usually more common in the ray house. This window provides long, narrow corridors light, and ventilation.

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Advantages of Clerestory Windows

Here are the clerestory windows’ pros as follows.

1. Lighting

Lighting can be considered the most obvious and biggest benefit of clerestory windows. They enter the natural light into the heart of the building directly and can provide a beautiful view of the sky.

The clerestory window is a good option to display the furniture and pieces of artwork against the walls in the room. This window is an excellent option to allow light when leaving plenty of space for precious items.

2. Style

The clerestory window is useful to make the home very modern and aesthetic. Many modern architectures emphasize highly creative window styles and placements.

Many of the high windows are responsible for them being dirty, and they have difficulty cleaning. But if the clerestory windows are properly cleaned, it works well.

3. Health Benefits

Natural light offers many benefits for health as well as better mood and well-being as much as possible in natural light. These windows can provide a lot of light as the wall is located at a height.

4. Temperature Regulation

If the clerestory window is operable design it allows the wind to move throughout the house. In the summer months, such windows are very useful to allow extra heat to go out of the house.

5. Size

The size of the clerestory window works importantly. Large windows can provide a wonderful view, light, and air environment outside the room, but as well as they affect the energy efficiency of the home.

If the small windows are set in a thick part of the wall and made of the right type of glass, they can deal with the problem of temperature fluctuations. Fitting blinds or shades on small windows for temperature control is also easy.

Disadvantages of Clerestory Windows

Here are the clerestory windows’ cons as follows.

1. Less Energy Efficient

Excessive amounts of light from this window enter the room, so the room temperature rises. To reduce this high temperature, resources like air conditioners have to be used. Therefore, this window proves to be weak in terms of energy efficiency.

2. Expensive

These windows are expensive compared to regular windows because they are located at a high height on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Difference Between a Transom Window and a Clerestory Window?

The clerestory window is a narrow window installed under the ceiling in the interior space of the house. The clerestory window is sometimes designed to open and enter fresh air.

The transom window is located above the door. This window allows light and fresh air to enter the room when the door is closed. A transom window is usually more common in the ray house.

What Direction Should Clerestory Windows Face?

These windows should be installed in the north or south way. South-soft clerestory windows require overhangs. The windows on the north will get less light which is favorable for the house because such a condition will not overheat the room.

Can You Open Clerestory Windows?

Clerestory windows are often used for natural light. Sometimes they are designed to open and remove the inside air. The clerestory window is available in both designs: Fixed and Operable.

What Are Windows at Top of Wall Called?

The windows located at the top of the wall are called clerestory windows. The clerestory window has a large window or structure that is in a range of small windows at the top of the wall. Clerestory windows are a type of glass window used in residential and professional construction.

Clerestory Windows Dimensions

In terms of sizes, there is no standard. Some are 2 feet wide by 2 feet long, while others are 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. Narrow is the most common style for taller walls.

Clerestory Vs Transom Windows

Transom windows are installed above doorways. Clerestory windows are installed at the roof line. They sit higher and are larger than transoms.

Where Would the Clerestory Be Found?

Historically, clerestory denoted an upper level of a Roman basilica or of the nave of a Romanesque or Gothic church, the walls of which rise above the rooflines of the lower aisles and are pierced with windows.

Clerestory Windows Height

Usually, it’s anywhere from 2 feet up to 10 feet. So, you may opt for any size here. You can also order custom-cut glass for your custom-designed clerestory windows.

What Is a Clerestory Window?

clerestory, in architecture, any fenestrated (windowed) wall of a room that is carried higher than the surrounding roofs to light the interior space. In a large building, where interior walls are far from the structure’s exterior walls, this method of lighting otherwise enclosed, windowless spaces became a necessity.

Which Direction Should Clerestory Windows Face?

Because they are on every wall, they should face north or south.

What Is Clerestory in Architecture?

In other words, a ‘clear story’ of glass was added to the structure, and the name originated from this. Modern clerestories are placed in factory buildings and modern housing designs. They are located on high walls, extending up from the roofline. They are sometimes referred to as vertical windows.

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