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Introduction of Hopper Windows

Sometimes it happens that a room is small and there is no option to install a large window. Different types of windows will come to mind when installing a small window in such a situation.

Some windows may not provide privacy if they meet the need for lighting. If a window can provide privacy, it cannot provide ventilation. Many questions arise. The solution to all these questions is a hopper window.

The hopper window can meet all kinds of needs and also in a small space. Air circulation, lighting, and privacy, all of these requirements can be met through a hopper window.

The hopper window gives privacy as it is mounted at a height, meets the air requirement as it opens at an angle of 45 ° or 90°, and finally gives light as it has transparent glass. In addition, these windows come with different designs and different materials.

What Is Hoper Window?

Hopper windows are usually rectangular in shape. They are usually mounted higher on the wall near the ceiling and provide better ventilation.

Sometimes hoper windows are seen installed above or below the picture window, giving the room a good airflow and attractive appearance. Their main feature is that they mostly open inwards.

The hopper window either opens completely at a 90 angle or partially opens at a 45 angle. In all extended models, this window is usually attached with a hinge at the top to avoid accidents.

History of Hopper Windows

The hopper window came into existence in the 19th century. At that time it was used for a different purpose. At the time it was used not to provide privacy but to keep dust and debris on the roads away from homes. This is the main reason why the hopper window opens inwards instead of outwards.

Hopper Windows Sizes

The size of the hopper window varies greatly but it depends on the individual plan. The age and style of the house play an important role in this matter. Older models have a wooden frame and a lot of changes in their size. Modern hopper window sizes are usually the same. The current standard size of this window is 12 ″ to 24″ in height and 30 ″ to 36 ″ in length.

Hopper Window Places in House

This window is usually found in the basement hopper windows and can work well in a bathroom or laundry room. They can meet the need for ventilation and lighting in any room. Also, this window can be used to improve the look of any room. Some use this window to provide more aesthetically pleasing vibes in the living room or kitchen.

Here we have discussed different spaces in the house but most of them are used as hopper window basement.

What Is the Purpose of a Hopper Window?

Hopper windows are an alternative to large windows as it is difficult to install large windows in some rooms. Excellent lighting and ventilation at a low cost. Their installation process is also more straightforward than other Windows processes.

The use of this window is not limited to hopper style basement windows. It is also a good choice for spaces like bathrooms and changing rooms as such spaces require a little privacy.

Awning and Hopper Windows / Hopper Window Vs Awning Window

awning window vs hopper window

These two windows are similar in design but one of the main features of these windows is that they open in opposite directions. The hopper window always opens inwards, while the awning window opens outwards. There is nothing wrong with saying that the two are fundamentally opposite models.

Other differences are found in their names. The awning window always has a hinge at the top and when opened the window forms an awning-like shape. Hopper Windows looks like a hopper or chute when opened.

Is an Egress Hopper Window Possible?

egress windows usually have unique dimensions according to building codes. The egress window is made for an emergency exit. The hopper cannot act as an escape route as the window is small in size and mounted at a height. Thus the hopper window is not an egress window.

Hopper Windows Cost

The installation cost of a hopper window product varies depending on the content, location, and number of windows you need. Depending on the needs, each hopper window costs around 100 to $ 500. In addition to the installation, the contractor’s hourly rate also has to be added.

If you do not have extensive experience in home improvement, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional to take care of the hopper window installation.

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Hopper Window Repair

Windows needs to be completely replaced. Hopper windows in older homes are made of wood and such windows can rot, so breathing in a room in such a condition is dangerous to health.

Older windows are not able to maintain room temperature as well as possible due to the loss of airtight properties. In view of all this, replacing an entire window is more cost-effective to prevent further damage.

Basement Hopper Window Replacement

basement hopper window

The basement hopper window opens inwards on the horizontal axis, making it easy for air to circulate and also small in size, which is good for security. This window is suitable for the basement as it is cheap. The hopper style window is capable of providing a small amount of air, light, and security in the basement. Thus hopper window replacement is a good idea.

Basement Hopper Window Installation / Custom Hopper Windows Installation

Here is the procedure for hopper basement windows replacement or Custom Hopper Windows Installation step by step as follows.

  1. The sash should be removed from the old basement window first.
  2. Now cut the old frame with the reciprocating saw.
  3. The old frame is to be pulled from the wall opening. (remove old frame)
  4. The mortar around the opening should be removed with a hammer and chisel.
  5. Now slide a new window into a clean and clear-shaped opening.
  6. Use the shims to keep the new window in the opening fixed in the center.
  7. Once the new window is fixed in the opening, screw it into the frame and into the mudsill.
  8. Apply caulk to the sides and top of the window frame.
  9. Spraying urethane foam on the bottom of the window and on the sill.
  10. Apply a coat of grade primer to all exposed parts of the wooden window and then apply two coats of paint.

Custom hopper windows of the reputed brands can be installed or replaced at any place by following the procedure outlined above. For example basement hopper window installation, hopper basement windows replacement.

Advantages of Hopper Window

Here, is the list of hopper window pros as follows.

1. Ventilation in House

The reason why these windows provide good ventilation even though they are small is that the amount of hot air is increasing in modern times. As it is located above the window, hot air goes out and fresh air from outside comes in.

2. Energy Efficiency of Hopper Window

Hopper windows are smaller in size and have more airtight seals, making them more efficient in maintaining room temperature. The amount of heat or cooling in the house is lost by 25% to 35% through windows and the energy bill of appliances like air conditioners increases. This thing is rarely seen in this window.

3. Small Hopper Window

Smaller sizes require smaller windows, and these windows are suitable from a utility standpoint. Basement hopper windows can be used to obtain natural light and ventilation whereas full-size windows are difficult to install. Due to their small size, hopper windows are cheaper to buy and easier to install than other options.

4. Safety of House

Most hopper windows open at a 45 angle, making entry difficult. Anything that can crawl into the rest of the space does not pose much of a risk. Resources for hopper window safety monitoring can be obtained at a low cost and security can be provided on more sensitive parts of the house.

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Disadvantages of Hopper Window

Here, is the list of hopper window cons as follows.

1. Small Size

The biggest disadvantage of these windows is that due to their small size they do not prove to be suitable for other more comprehensive options. One window is not enough for a large space so more windows are needed.

2. Occupies More Space and Is Not Suitable for Rain

Since hopper windows open inwards, they take up more space than awnings or casement options. These windows sometimes have deep bars that block extra space. In rainy conditions, it cannot be kept open as it opens inwards.

3. Unsuitable For Escape Route

These windows are installed near the ceiling so it is difficult to reach. Thus this window is not suitable for escape in case of emergency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Casement Hopper Window Possible?

Casement windows open on either side or on either side while hopper style windows open upwards. Thus the two windows differ from each other in terms of opening.

Best Hopper Style Window Companies

Marvin Hopper Windows
Pella Hopper Windows
Andersen Hopper Window

Cost to Replace Basement Hopper Windows

It costs about $ 250 to $ 700 to install a hopper window. Add to this the cost of local labor which may vary depending on the area.

Basement Hopper Windows Sizes

Even if the hopper window is to be installed in any place, its size does not change. Mostly they are of standard size. Basement hopper windows are 12 “to 24” in height and 30 “to 36” in length.

Are Hopper Windows Safe?

Yes, these windows are safe because they are small in size. Due to the small size, it is difficult to enter through it, so this window is very good in terms of security.

Do Hopper Windows Open in or Out?

The hopper window opens on the inside of the house.

Basement Hopper Windows

There are many benefits to installing a hopper window in a basement. This window is small in size so no one can enter inside and it is the best option for cheap windows in the basement area.

Why Is This Window Called a Hopper Window?

This window is called a hopper window because hopper windows look like a hopper or chute when opened.


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