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Introduction of Jalousie Window

jalousie is a French word for “jealousy” and is derived from the Italian word “geloso” in 18th century France. Which means “jealous” or “screen”. Jalousie windows are used to protect the interior of the house from jealous and peeping eyes.

jalousie windows are known by different names in different parts of the world. In some regions, this window is known as a louvered window. This window looks like a Venetian window blind. This window is more common in coastal areas because of the warmer climate.

Origin of Jalousie Window

Van Ellis Huff made hand-cranked glass, aluminum, and screen windows.

Jalousie windows were patented on November 26, 1901, by Joseph W. Walker of Malden, Massachusetts. At that time this window was used more in the closed porch and three seasons area. This window was more suited to the southern climate. The window was used extensively during the energy crisis of the 1970s.

The Jalousie window was first seen in places like Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, etc. In this window frame glass, acrylic or wooden louver sets are parallel to each other. In this window, the louvers are attached to the track so that they can be turned by the crank to open and close to control the airflow.

What Is Jalousie Window?

Jalousie windows are usually found made of glass slates. These windows are also found in wood, acrylic, or metal slates. The horizontal slates can be controlled by a crank which prevents rain and allows maximum airflow to enter. The crank is also useful for opening or closing windows and setting slates at different angles. When we close these windows, the slates overlap and form a seal.

The jalousie window works just like the awning window. Depending on the intensity of wind or rain, it is possible to open it in half or even with the help of a crank. Single and double-hung windows cannot be opened half as desired while this window can be opened at any desired angle.

These windows is also known as “louvered windows” or “jalacy windows” in different areas.

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Purpose of Jalousie Windows

The main purpose of this window is that it can be used to maintain a favorable temperature in any season in a house without an air conditioner.

This window is the best option to get ventilation when there is a lack of space in a stick-built or mobile home. These windows give an aesthetic design to any building or house and are available with a variety of materials.

Jalousie glass slat windows can provide light as well as can be installed with UV sunlight protection to resist heat on hot days.

Types of Jalousie Windows

The following materials can be selected based on the specific need for windows in the house.

  1. Vinyl Jalousie Window
  2. Aluminum jalousie window
  3. Acrylic jalousie window
  4. Conventional wood jalousie window

The jalousie window has the option to change the slats to modify its style and corresponding function. Slats can be made from materials like glass, wood, acrylic, and aluminum. The glass slats come with colored, frosted, and solid materials that help provide privacy. Slats can be easily unhooked.

jalousie or louvered window

Hurricane proof jalousie windows can be made using metal like aluminum. There is also the option of replacing jealousy windows with vinyl. A wooden jalousie window made of wood gives the house a unique look.

Automatic jalousie windows are also available that open and close programming or remote.

Jalousie Window Glass Sizes

jalousie or louver glass

These window slats are available in two standard sizes. 4 inches and 6 inches. Length and thickness vary. The required window can be obtained by jalousie glass slats replacement. Frosted glass or textured glass is very useful in spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms.

When buying jalousie glass or louver glass it is important to make sure the glass is strong and tempered for brake resistance.

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How To Secure Jalousie Windows?

Although modern manufacturers offer jalousie windows with security, sometimes there are some options available if the old windows need to be secured in the house.

S-rings or S-hooks are available at many hardware stores on the market, as well as Louvre lock kits to protect the jalousie glass. This window has a tension spring in the security clip, which can be clipped to the bottom of the louver to prevent slipping. It is advisable to use epoxy glue or silicone sealant to fix the Louvre glass slates in the metal frame.

How To Clean Jalousie Windows?

Take out all the glass slats to clean this window. Then pour the detergent into hot water and prepare the mixture by shaking well. Put all the slats in this mixture for 15 minutes. Use the microfiber cloth to remove dirt on all these slats. Wash all panels thoroughly with clean water and wipe with a large handkerchief. Also, wash glass slats with clean water and wipe with a big handkerchief.

Once the slats and panels are dry, put all the glass slats back in the panel.

Jalousie Window Glass Replacement / Louver Window Glass Replacement

louver glass replacement

Jalousie Glass Replacement or Louver Glass Replacement

Jalousie window glass slats can be replaced by following the steps below:

  1.  Remove setscrews from housings at each end of the pane by holding a glass pane firmly.
  2. Carefully slide the old pane outside the housing.
  3. Remove any kind of dirt, corrosion, or debris from the housing before adding a new glass.
  4. Insert a new glass pane into the metal housing and then replace the metal wedge and secure it with setscrews.

The process of jalousie replacement glass or louver window glass replacement can be done based on the details given above.

Jalousie Window Replacement Cost

The estimated cost for a replacement Jalousie window or louver window replacement can be between $ 180 and $ 370 on average.

Advantages of Jalousie Window

Here is the list of Jalousie Windows Pros as follows.

1. Nostalgic and Historic Charm

Wooden Jalousie Window helps in giving a nostalgic appeal to the house. This window is useful to give the house a historic charm.

2. Airflow

These windows can provide convenient ventilation to the house. This window has the best airflow as it has glass or wooden slatted open slates.

3. Best Ventilation and Privacy

This window is a natural ventilator and can provide good privacy. This window is able to provide continuous air circulation without any privilege in privacy.

4. Best in Rainy Season and Summer

This window can be kept open even when it is raining as it opens towards the bottom. It can also be left open when sunlight falls directly on the window as it prevents sunlight from entering the room directly.

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Disadvantages of Jalousie Window

Here is the list of Jalousie Windows Cons as follows.

1. Lack of Security

Jalousie windows are weak in terms of home security. Open and closed horizontal panels for ventilation can attract anyone who wants to enter the house. Wood or glass panels are sensitive so can be easily broken and increase the risk of person entry.

2. Does Not Mix with Air Conditioning

Jalousie windows may be a good choice for homes that do not have air conditioners, but for homes that have air conditioning, they may prove to be poor in terms of energy efficiency. This is because the window never closes completely as there is still some space between the panels even when it is closed.

This also applies in winter as the heat in the house goes out through this window and the cold outside enters inside the house.

3. More Functional Parts

The jalousie window has more functional parts so it can be messier. As a result, they need to be repaired, and this can be a waste of time and money.

4. Excessive Exposure to the Atmosphere

The working parts for opening and closing windows are more exposed to outdoor weather than other windows. Problems such as mechanical problems, corrosion, and broken parts remain. This window fails to work easily due to a lack of reinforcement.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jalousie Window Parts Replacement

A screwdriver set is required to replace the jalousie window part. Most of its parts are available in the market. The part to be replaced can be easily replaced by purchasing it at the right place.

Companies for Best New Jealousie Windows Or Modern Jalousie Windows

  1. Milgard Jalousie Windows
  2. Anderson Jalousie Windows
  3. Jalousie Windows Home Depot

Jalousie Windows Repair

Repairing jalousie windows is quite easy. The jealousy window glass can be easily replaced if it is broken. Remove the screw from the jalousie window panes, carefully remove the broken glass and insert the new glass to re-fit the screw. If the panel is damaged then it is necessary to jalousie window pane replacement.

Replacing Jalousie Windows with Double Hung

The jalousie window works well as a ventilator and also provides privacy. But it is limited in some respects and has some disadvantages. So it is not wrong to replace it with another window if necessary.

An alternative double-hung window would be good. A double-hung window is better than a jalousie window in some respects. Different brands offer better facilities for double-hung windows.

Why Are Windows Called Jalousie?

jalousie is a French word for “jealousy” and is derived from the Italian word “geloso” in 18th century France. Which means “jealous” or “screen”. Jalousie windows are used to protect the interior of the house from jealous and peeping eyes. This is why it is known as the jalousie window.

Install Air Conditioner in Jalousie Window

The jalousie window was very popular when there were no air conditioners but with the advent of air conditioners, it became less used. To put AC in jalousie window, you have to remove the whole window and buy AC of its size. Portable AC can be a good solution.

Jalousie Window Glass Prices

The price of jalousie glass depends on the type of glass. Low-quality glass is available at a lower price and good-quality glass at a higher price. Approximately this glass can be $ 40 / square meter.

Jalousie Window Security Clip

The security clip is necessary so that it does not stick out of the glass slat in the panel. This clip works as a different type of window lock.


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