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Introduction of Transom Windows

transom name you may have heard sometimes!

Transom means the horizontal wood above the frame of a window or door. This is the only reason why this window is called Transom. The transom acts as a beam that separates the top of the window or door from the rest of the wall.

The transom window is located at the top of any window or door.

What Is the Purpose of Transom Window?

In earlier times when there was no air conditioner, transom windows were used for ventilation. Transom windows were installed on the interior and exterior walls of the house. The need for ventilation was met by opening this high window.

The high height of the transom window allowed the door or window to be closed, maintaining both privacy and security. The window hinge was operated with metal rods as it was difficult to reach the window from the bottom of the house. This method was used to open and close windows high above ground level.

But in modern times this difficult working system is not seen. Now the trend has changed. There are few transom windows that can be opened now. Even if there is a transom window that can be opened, an electronic switch is used instead of a metal rod to open and close it.

Now, these windows are usually used as fixed transom windows to get more light or for decorative design.

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What Is Transom Window?

rectangular transom window

Transom windows range from a few inches to two feet in height and are as wide as a door. In some cases, it is more diffuse if it has sidelights. It is usually rectangular in shape so rectangular transom windows are found in most places. Sometimes curved transom windows are found. Such arched transom windows are also called half round transom windows or fanlights. Arched window above door or arched transom front door gives a different look to the house.

arched transom window

These windows are popular as pass-doorways on interior and exterior walls, as well as modern transom windows, which are used as decorations to complement the architectural style. This window is also called transom light.

Stock transom windows or custom transom windows can be chosen to fit the standard door width to add sleek architectural details. External transom windows are often installed as part of the entire door system.

This window being a sealed unit enhances weather safety. Since modern windows come with a humidity sensor, they close automatically in rain-like conditions and can be opened or closed with a control panel.

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Operable Transom Windows and Non Operable Transom Windows

Interior transom windows give a nostalgic look that creates the illusion of enlarging the space. Both non-operable and operable options are available in the transom window.

Non-operable vinyl, wood, or aluminum windows are available at lower prices while operable windows are more expensive as they are designed in a more complex way. Cladding on a wooden frame is an important addition to weatherproofing but also increases its cost.

If a transom window is required for new construction, it is advisable to install a combo in which the door, sidelights, and transom window are all sealed in one unit. But this combo can be very expensive.

Exterior wall windows are less popular with insects and weather concerns.

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Uses of Transom Windows

Transom windows are used in different spaces and in connection with other types of windows or doors.

sliding patio doors with transom window

Transom windows can be used as indoor transom windows and exterior door with sidelights and transom. It is also in the awning type when the transom on the door is as operable. Because the awning type remains easy to keep automatic. The awning type is easy to open and close with the remote. Transom awning windows can also be used with other windows or doors inside the house.

wooden door with transom window

The window above front door is very popular in transom windows. If this main door is made of fiber or wood, it looks extraordinary. Fiber doors do not look as good as wooden doors in appearance but they require less maintenance. Thus fiberglass front door with sidelights and transom is a good idea.

In many places, these windows are found in combination with sliding windows. If it has a French door instead of a sliding one, its look is better than a sliding door with transom window. exterior french door with transom window is a very popular style.

french door with transom window

If you are thinking of replacing transom window above front door then it is necessary to consider both material and shape. The entrance looks elegant if the wood is used as the material. Its only minus point is that it requires a little care. All things considered, the wood front door with sidelights and transom is an excellent arrangement. It makes the house feel rich.

picture transom windows

There is also a transom window with a picture window. picture The long transom window above the window can be seen in many places. These transoms enhance the architectural look of the picture window. Transom windows are more suitable in the dining room.

double hung window with transom

In a space like a bedroom, a transom window casement or double hung type will often be seen in conjunction. picture window with transom, casement window with transom and double hung window with transom are the most commonly used types.

bathroom transom window

Transom windows can also be installed in a space like a bathroom. bathroom transom window can meet the main requirement of privacy and is also useful in bringing light inside. So transom window in shower is a great idea.

There is also an option of custom transom windows to make it easier to use transom windows in each of the places mentioned above. Different brands provide custom transom windows.

Transom Window Installation

Here are some important things to keep in mind when installing a transom window and a brief overview of the steps to install a window.

  1. Transom window installation depends on the height of the door and ceiling, whether the wall is interior or exterior, how much it weighs, etc.
  2. The standard procedure for installing this window is to remove the drywall and exterior cladding above the door. It will then have to remove a portion of the wall studs to reframe the section.
  3. Once the window is set new drywall has to be installed. Remove the exterior cladding if the wall is exterior. Finally, the window trim has to be installed.
  4. It is very important to make sure that the transom window will fit the house structurally.
  5. A ceiling higher than eight feet is more suitable for this window. However, window models with non-load-bearing internal partitions can fit on the door in the wall.
  6. When buying a new transom window it is important to read the installation specs carefully to determine the rough-in framing for a particular window model.
  7. If there is no concept of standard house framing then an experienced person should be consulted to choose a transom window for that wall and if the wall is load-bearing then this matter is very necessary.
  8. This is important because the entire wall section has to be opened to change the framing and add additional structural support.
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Transom Window Installation Cost

The transom window is available on a low budget. The cost of installing it also depends on the material and local labor. It can cost approximately $ 150 to $ 300 to install.

Transom Window Replacement

Transom windows have many advantages as well as they are cheaper than other windows. These windows come in both operable and non-operable options so there is no problem in operating them. These windows add a good amount of light to the room and also meet the need for ventilation.

So this window has a positive attitude in every aspect as an alternative to replacement so there is no question in installing this window with good quality glass and material.

Advantages of Transom Windows

Here is the list of the Transom Windows Pros as follows.

1. Privacy

The transom window can be used in the bedroom as well as in the bathroom as it is very high from the bottom and proves to be useful in maintaining privacy. As this window is made of glass, it can also meet the need for light.

2. Cheaper

This window is very useful in case of a low budget. These windows are much cheaper than other windows. So it can be installed at a low cost.

3. Security

These windows are also useful for security as they are high. Due to the high altitude, access is difficult so it is a perfect choice for security.

4. Easy to Operate

These windows are also available with options that can be operated remotely so there is no hassle in operating them.

5. Wonderful Aesthetic Touch

Placing this window above the entrance gives the opening a wonderful aesthetic touch. This helps in giving the house a luxurious and elegant look. Connects to indoor doors or windows to enhance the architectural look.

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Disadvantages of Transom Windows

Here is the list of the Transom Windows Cons as follows.

1. Difficult to Clean

This window is high so it is difficult to clean. This window needs a long metal rod to clean. Problems like mold and mildew occur if we do not clean them properly.

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2. Not Suitable for All Places

These windows do not fit properly in every space. This window is suitable for high ceilings but does not fit well for low ceilings so you have to think about whether it will be suitable for the space before using it.

3. High Temprature

These windows are a nuisance in hot weather. If the glass of this window is not properly covered, the heat of sunlight raises the temperature of the space and also allows continuous light to come.

4. Ventilation Problem

These windows usually come in a fixed type so do not meet ventilation requirements. If we choose an operable window, it proves to be expensive due to its complex design.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Transom Windows

In architecture, a transom is a transverse horizontal structural beam or bar, or a crosspiece separating a door from a window above it. This contrasts with a mullion, a vertical structural member. Transom or transom window is also the customary U.S. word used for a transom light, the window over this crosspiece.

Transom Windows That Open

Operable transoms have sashes that can be opened or closed to help regulate the temperature in a room when the door is closed. An open transom window in the winter helped heat from the central fireplace reach bedrooms at night. In the summer, windows were opened at the front and the rear of the home to create airflow.

Types of Transom Windows

There are two main types of transom windows: rectangular and semicircular. Rectangular transom windows are often installed above doors and can be single or multipaned. They extend across the width of the door or to the width of the door and the side windows around it, also known as sidelights.

Arched Transom Windows

Arch Window. An arch window (also known as a radius window) creates a dramatic effect in both contemporary and traditional homes. An arch window can be tall like a casement window or wide like an awning window.

Custom Transom Window

It’s recommended to consult with a professional window manufacturer or contractor who specializes in custom window fabrication to ensure that your transom window meets your specific requirements and is properly installed. They can provide guidance, offer design options, and assist with the installation process.

Transom Window Cost

It can cost approximately $ 150 to $ 300 to install.

Front Door Transom

The window above the front door is very popular in transom windows. Installing a transom window at the top of the entrance allows light to enter the house even when the door is closed. If this window is operable then it also meets the requirement of ventilation.

Narrow Transom Window

Narrow transom windows are less common because transom windows are as wide as other windows or doors. However, some brands offer custom windows where you can get the desired size window.

Transom Window Glass Replacement

The cost of glass replacement depends mainly on the type of glass. Glass is expensive if it is of high quality and cheap if it is of low quality. The average value of glass is $ 40 per square foot. Adding labor to it gives the total cost of glass replacement.

Can Transom Windows Be Opened?

Yes, transom windows are available in both remote operable and non-operable options. Most often non-operable transom windows are found because operable windows are expensive due to their complex design.

Best Transom Window

  1. Pella Transom Windows
  2. Marvin Transom Windows
  3. Andersen Transom Windows

Transom Window Replacement Cost

The cost of transom window replacement is approximately $ 155 to $ 310 plus the cost of local labor.



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