18 Different Types of Windows


All About Types of Windows

Introduction of Windows

First of all, we know that air freshening and sunlight are crucial in any building or industrial estate.

Windows play a vital role in this, offering various window types and names.

So the window is a very important part. Another thing is that the window also plays an important role in giving the house an attractive look.

The windows are useful in creating comfort in the house in different seasons.

Such as lowering the heat in summer and preventing cold in winter.

There are several factors involved in window selection.

Such as room space, room direction, wind direction, Architectural point of view, etc.

There are two types of windows.

One is its composition and the other is the material used in it.

Materials like PVC, uPVC, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass are used in the window.

Here we look at the types based on their composition.

What Is Window?What Is Window?

A window, or to be more specific, different types of windows in the Philippines and other regions, is an open space in any part of a building from which air or sunlight or both can enter.

Types of Window

Here, the list of all types of windows, complete with pictures, is as follows.

1. Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows

In single hung windows the bottom slide is free which slides upwards, while the top slide is stationary. Air circulation can only take place in the lower part.

This window is named based on the number of sashes, as this window contains one sash called a single hung window.

2. Double Hung WindowsDouble Hung Windows

A double-hung window is a type of window that has two movable slides.

Both slides happen up and down. In the double-hung window, we can do the slide up or down as we wish.

3. Arched WindowsArched Windows

The bottom of the window in the ‘arch’ window is rectangular and the upper part is semicircular.

This window is called the Arch window as the half-circle is in the upper part of the window.

4. Awning WindowsAwning Windows

The frame in the Awning window is fixed on top, and the lower part moves to the outer.

One of the disadvantages of awning windows is that they may not provide as much ventilation as other types.

They crank by cranking the hand that pushes the bottom of the sash out. Awning windows are used in places where more ventilation and light are needed.

5. Bay WindowsBay Windows

The bay window is a window that is fixed on the outside of the main walls of the building and forms a bay in the room.

The window makes shapes like square, hexagonal or octagonal on the outside of the wall.

6. Bow WindowsBow Windows

The bow window is a curved bay window. The bow windows are made outside the exterior wall of the building.

Made with the intention of seeing a wide view of the outside.

This window has four or more windows, which join for arch formation, separating them from more common ones.

7. Casement WindowsCasement Windows

The casement window is any window connected by one or more hinges with its frame.

In this type of window, we can open one or more windows.

Each part is independent of the other.

8. Egress Windows

Egress Windows

The egress window looks like a regular big window but it opens completely.

This window is useful for the exit during emergencies, making it an essential type of window in building construction.

So this window is very indispensable for rescue operations from fire or other bad situations.

9. Folding windows

Folding windows

The folding window is the best of all window types.

The reason is its different type of composition. In this window, all parts can be folded together.

No matter how long these windows are in width, most of the space is available for airflow when we open them.

The peculiarity of this window is that it fits in the smallest space when opened.

10. Garden Windows

Garden Windows

The Garden window is a special type of window in which the window is slightly exited from the wall surface of your home.

This type is the most convenient type for light. This window is usually seen in a kitchen place.

11. Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Windows

Only the light comes from the glass block window but not the air.

In this type of window, no one can see clearly from the outside.

Therefore, such a window is useful in like bathroom place. This type of window is used in all places where only Sunlight is needed.

12. Hopper Windows

Hopper Windows

The lower part of the Hopper window is fixed and the upper part opens the inside.

It can usually be opened with a crank or hinge.

This type of window is often used in basements, especially in side by side windows house designs.

13. Jalousie Windows

Jalousie Windows

This type of window has horizontal stripes of glass or wood.

The control in the window is done by crank.

In a rain-like situation, such a window is useful to prevent water coming from outside and Airflow continues.

14. Pivoted windows

Pivoted windows

The window in this type of window is connected to the middle along with the frame.

Since the window rotates on the middle axis, it is called the pivot window.

The pivot window has two types of compositions, horizontal and vertical.

15. Picture Windows

Picture Windows

A picture window is a large, fix-pane window.

This type of window is useful for the outside scene to be fully viewed without any obstacles.

Often it is found in a place like a large drawing-room.

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16. Round Circle Windows

Round Circle Windows

This window is also known as a full-circle or round porthole window.

This window is installed in a closet, bathroom, or staircase. It is used to add more natural light to closed and small areas.

This window is also useful in giving the building an attractive look.

17. Skylight Windows

Skylight Windows

Skylight is a lighter traditional structure or window, usually made of transparent glass.

It creates all or a little part of the roof space of the building.

This window is very useful for full use of sunlight. It is named skylight window based on its use.

18. Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, one of the types of window names, have multiple horizontal windows that slide up and down, back and forth.

They are a kind of double-hung windows. Slides in sliding windows are fitted with rollers so that two or more slides can move easily.

19. Storm Windows

Storm Windows

Storm Windows is another window installed on the outside of the already installed, primary home windows.

His job is to protect against more wind and weather.

Storm windows are installed on your existing window to normalize the inside temperature.

20. Transom Windows

Transom Windows

The transom window is a window that is on top of a window or door.

The main glazing panel and decorative ones are installed above the window.

A transom window is usually installed to provide air and natural light.

21. Louvered windows

Louvered windows

A louver window is a window made of louvers made of glass, acrylic, or wood parallel to the frame.

Louvers are attached to the track to control airflow.

22. Metal windows

Metal windows

A metal window is a window with a metal frame. Metals like iron, steel, aluminum, or brass are used.

These windows can be made in different designs.

This window is useful in giving an attractive look to the house.

23. Sash windows

Sash windows

Sash windows are made up of one or more movable panels or sash.

Earlier individual sash had regularly panned windows, but now it includes sheets and double glazing.

24. Corner windows

Corner windows

The corner window contains two or more sash.

The windows meet at one corner and extend to both sides of the building.

A special framing method is used to make the corner window a rough opening.

25. Dormer windows

Dormer windows

A vertical window in a dormer window protrudes from a sloping ceiling and usually illuminates the bedroom.

Dormers are either on the face of the wall or on the ceiling, and their roofs are gable, hipped, flat, or sloped.

26. Clerestory windows

Clerestory windows

The clerestory is a high section of the wall.

This part is above eye level. This window is for light, fresh air, or both.

The clerestory window is a large window or series of small windows at the top of the wall.

27. Lantern windows

Lantern windows

A ceiling lantern is a glass structure mounted on top of a roof.

They are usually pyramid-shaped so that light can come from all directions.

Ceiling lanterns are a great way to brighten up your home with sunlight.

28. Gable windows

Gable windows

A gable window is a window at the flat end of a house.

A gable window is a window that protrudes from the roof.

A gable is usually a triangular part that is the wall between the edges of the intersecting roof pitch.

29. Ventilators


A window ventilator, another type of window in building construction, is used to bring in fresh air from the outside to the inside.

It is also used in rooms with mechanical extraction ventilation or hybrid ventilation.

This window can be installed in the metal frames like PVC, wood, or aluminum.

Pros of Windows:

Here, the List of Advantages of Windows is as follows.

  1. Energy-efficient.
  2. Improved air quality.
  3. Simple to operate.
  4. Protect the home from severe weather.
  5. Due to the many types of windows, it is available for a reasonable price.

Cons of Windows:

Here, the List of Disadvantages of Windows is as follows.

  1. The windows provide privacy during the day but at night other people can see the movement of your house.
  2. One disadvantage of awning windows and other types is the concern for theft and security.
  3. Window frames swell due to changing seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the Main Types of Windows?

The main Types of Windows are:

  1. Casement Windows.
  2. Awning Windows.
  3. Double-Hung Windows.
  4. Bay Windows.
  5. Picture Windows.
  6. Sliding Windows.
  7. Single-Hung Windows.
  8. Folding Windows.
  9. Bow Windows.

What Is a Window?

A window is an open space in any part of a building from which light and air can circulate.

What Are the Types of Windows?

The List of Windows is as follows.

  1. Single-hung Windows
  2. Double-hung Windows
  3. Arched Windows
  4. Awning Windows
  5. Bay Windows
  6. Bow Windows
  7. Casement Windows
  8. Egress Windows
  9. Folding Windows
  10. Garden Windows
  11. Glass Block Windows
  12. Hopper Windows
  13. Jalousie Windows
  14. Pivoted windows
  15. Picture Windows
  16. Round Circle Windows
  17. Skylight Windows
  18. Sliding Windows
  19. Storm Windows
  20. Transom Windows
  21. Louvered windows
  22. Metal windows
  23. Sash windows
  24. Corner windows
  25. Dormer windows
  26. Clerestory windows
  27. Lantern windows
  28. Gable windows
  29. Ventilators

What Are the Styles of Windows?

The list of window styles is as follows.

  1. Single-hung Windows
  2. Double-hung Windows
  3. Arched Windows
  4. Awning Windows
  5. Bay Windows
  6. Bow Windows
  7. Casement Windows
  8. Egress Windows
  9. Folding Windows
  10. Garden Windows
  11. Glass Block Windows
  12. Hopper Windows
  13. Jalousie Windows
  14. Pivoted windows
  15. Picture Windows
  16. Round Circle Windows
  17. Skylight Windows
  18. Sliding Windows

Which Type Window Is Best?

The bow window style is the best because it gives the house a great look and provides ventilation from the maximum direction.

What Is the Most Common Type of Window?

The single-hung and double-hung windows are the common types found everywhere.

What Is the Importance of Windows in Building Construction?

Many types of windows are found in building construction. A window is an important part of the building as it provides air and sunlight inside the building and is also useful for viewing the outside.

How Do I Choose the Right Window for My Construction Project?

The right window in a construction project depends on many criteria. This can be determined by considering factors such as location, usage, and budget.


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