Which civil job has highest salary in India?

Which civil job has highest salary in India?

India’s rapidly growing economy has paved the way for various lucrative job opportunities, especially in the civil sector. With a large number of government and private sector projects in the pipeline, the demand for skilled and qualified civil professionals is on the rise. As more and more individuals are considering a career in the civil industry, a common question arises – which civil job offers the highest salary in India? In this article, we will explore the top paying civil jobs in India and provide insights into the factors that determine their salary. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, read on to discover the most lucrative career opportunities in the civil sector in India.

Which civil job has highest salary in India?

The field of civil engineering is known for offering one of the highest salary packages in India. With the rapid growth of infrastructure and construction sectors in the country, the demand for skilled and qualified civil engineers has increased, leading to higher remuneration and job opportunities.

There are various job positions in the civil engineering sector, such as project manager, construction manager, structural engineer, site engineer, and many more. Each of these roles comes with its own set of responsibilities and duties, and the salary package depends on various factors like experience, education, skills, and location.

According to a survey conducted by a leading job portal, the average salary of a civil engineer in India is around Rs 3.5 lakhs per annum. However, there are certain job positions that offer a significantly higher salary compared to the average.

Here are the top 5 civil engineering jobs with the highest salary in India:

1. Project Manager:
A project manager is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of a construction project, from planning to execution. They are in charge of coordinating with various teams and ensuring timely completion of the project within the allocated budget. On average, a project manager in India can earn a salary of Rs 10-12 lakhs per annum, depending on their experience and skills.

2. Construction Manager:
A construction manager is responsible for managing and supervising the construction process of a project. They oversee the work of construction teams, ensure compliance with safety and quality standards, and manage the project budget. The average salary for a construction manager in India is around Rs 8-10 lakhs per annum.

3. Structural Engineer:
A structural engineer is responsible for designing and analyzing the structural components of a building or infrastructure project to ensure its safety and stability. They work closely with architects and construction teams to plan and implement the structural design. In India, a structural engineer can earn an average salary of Rs 6-8 lakhs per annum.

4. Site Engineer:
A site engineer is responsible for the day-to-day on-site management and supervision of construction projects. They work closely with project managers and provide technical support during the construction process. The average salary for a site engineer in India is around Rs 4-6 lakhs per annum.

5. Urban Planner:
An urban planner is responsible for planning and designing cities and urban spaces to ensure sustainable growth and development. They work with government agencies and private organizations to develop and implement urban planning strategies. In India, an urban planner can earn an average salary of Rs 5-7 lakhs per annum.

In conclusion, the field of civil engineering offers a wide range of job opportunities with lucrative salary packages. However, it is important to note that the salary of a civil engineer also depends on the company, location, and project size. With the right skills, education, and experience, a civil engineer can earn a handsome salary in India.


In conclusion, it can be seen that the civil job sector in India offers lucrative salary packages for skilled professionals. From civil engineers to project managers to architects, there are a variety of roles that offer high salaries in this sector. However, it is important to note that salary is not the only deciding factor when choosing a career. It is important to pursue a career that aligns with one’s interests and passions, while also considering the growth prospects and job satisfaction. With India’s booming economy and increasing infrastructure development, the demand for skilled civil professionals is only expected to rise in the coming years, making it a promising career choice. Ultimately, it is essential to weigh all factors and choose a career that brings personal fulfillment along with financial stability.


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